100% European standard


All of our products reach 100% European quality standards
Nhat Lam's mission is providing the best quality of product from Europe for Vietnamese consumers. We always strive to improve product quality, choose from the best factories to import to Vietnam.

Commitment is not made from reconstituted milk powder.
All products of fresh milk, yogurt, milk scum, cheese yogurt, fresh cheese imported by Nhat Lam company are made from fresh milk, committed not to be made from reconstituted milk powder. Millions of "young" customers have trusted and loved products of brand names Pettit, Helio, Mixxo Gold and Kidsmix.
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100% European standard
We select the leading factories in Europe to provide the best quality products for Vietnamese consumers. Therefore, Nhat Lam's products are of guaranteed quality, clear origin. Customers can check the barcode on I-check software.
Find more: Instructions for using I-check software to check product origin.

Fresh and clean ingredients:
All raw materials of fruit juices, canned peaches, canned tomatoes are all fresh and clean ingredients. This material source comes from European standard farms by exclusively contract signed with the factory. At the same time, raw materials are cleaned and canned within 24 hours of picking.
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